Raiffeisen ONLINE

Raiffeisen ONLINE - the shortest path to your money

Information about your accounts, execute payment orders

What do you get with Raiffeisen Online

  • More free time - up to date information about your accounts and banking without need to visit a bank branch
  • Lower costs – no registration and service charge; lower transfers fees
  • Security - reliable protection for your money
  • Speed – no need to fill out forms; you have constant access to your money at any time and anywhere in the world
  • Convenience - you can banking online from your personal computer, your tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time

What services are offered by Raiffeisen ONLINE

Receive relevant information regarding your accounts
  • Balance on your current and card accounts
  • Daily and periodic statements in a printable format
  • Bank statements for RaiCard, Visa and MasterCard
  • Information about received and ordered payments
  • Exchange rates
Execute payment orders within the bank and orders to other banks
  • Order payments in local and foreign currencies
  • Order cross-border and domestic payments
  • Orders to the budget
  • Currencies exchange
  • Mass pay-roll payments to your staff
  • Packet payments
  • Use E-invoice
Manage your deposits
  • Information about the balances on your deposits
  • Open term deposits
  • Deposit additional amounts on existing term deposits
  • Terminate term deposits
Follow up your loans
  • Information about the disbursal date of the loan
  • Information about payments to loan
  • Information about loan repayment schedule
  • Actual information about promotions and new products
Submit online orders for mutual funds

Additional services

  • One username and password for Raiffeisen ONLINE for all your accounts - personal and corporate
  • You can export data in different formats - Word, Excel and XML
  • You can authorize other persons to have access to your accounts in Raiffeisen ONLINE and determine their access rights.

Save while banking online

What do you save by using Raiffeisen ONLINE?

  • Time – Banking anytime, anywhere

No need to leave your home or office, neither visit a bank branch

  • Money - Reduce your monthly expenses on banking transactions

Up to 50% lower fees for payment orders through online banking compared to transactions ordered in paper form in the bank office.

Bank service Fees and commissions (in  paper form) Fees and commissions (via Raiffeisen ONLINE) How much you save
Transfer in BGN to other bank via BISERA BGN 2 BGN 1 BGN 1
Transfer in BGN to other bank via RINGS BGN 15 BGN 9 BGN 6
Internal bank transfer in BGN (between different customers) BGN 1 BGN 0.50 BGN 0.50
Transfer in foreign currency to other bank - Individual clients 0.20% min 17 EUR 0.15% min 15 EUR 0.05% min 2 EUR
Internal bank transfer in foreign currency (between different customers) 3 EUR 1.5 EUR 1.5 EUR
Request for Direct debit BGN 2 BGN 1 BGN 1
Salary transfer to employees' accounts through mass payment 0.2% 0.1% 0.1%
Transfer in foreign currency to other bank - Corporate clients 0.15% min 15 EUR 0.10% min 10 EUR 0.05% min 5 EUR
  • Registration for using Raiffeisen ONLINE - free of charge
  • Monthly maintenance fee - free of charge
  • Receiving SMS one-time code for confirmation of paymnets - free of charge
  • Security Token (VAT incl.) - single charge of BGN 30 (VAT incl.)

For all other fees and commissions for using Raiffeisen ONLINE the current Tariff of Raiffeisenbank is to be applied.

You can find additional information about the terms of performance of payment orders in the Tariff.

Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria recommends you to follow the basic Safety requirements when using online banking and to take advantage of the security solutions which the bank offers.

Choose the level of access depending on your needs

I want to manage my accounts with an option for execute payment orders, mass payments, Currencies exchange, active operations with deposits

I just want to watch the balance and movements on my accounts, deposits and loans

Download free native application of Raiffeisen ONLINE for  iPhone, iPad и Android™

No additional registration for using the mobile application is required – you use the same login credentials as in Raiffeisen ONLINE.

By using the mobile application you can use a wide range of services

  • View details and transaction history on your registered accounts
  • Access information about available amounts and bank card transactions
  • Execute funds transfers in local and foreign currency up to 2 000 BGN upon confirmation with additional security tool - SMS code or TOKEN.*
  • Make funds transfer to pre-defined templates and beneficiaries from Raiffeisen ONLINE
  • Receive information messages
  • Raiffeisenbank branches and ATMs locator - locate on the map the offices and ATMs of the bank, which are closest to your location 
  • Currency converter - exchange rates and convert between major currencies

* For private individuals, transfers between own accounts registered in Raiffeisen ONLINE, can be done without SMS code or TOKEN confirmation.

For your convenience and greater security, the service offers additional options:

  • Specify a phone number; different from the one used for Raiffeisen ONLINE, for receiving an SMS codes as additional security tool for the mobile application.  
  • Users of Raiffeisen ONLINE with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) can choose SMS code or TOKEN for active banking via the mobile application

Download the right mobile application for your device from here:

Market Operation System QR Code
AppStore Icon iPhone, iPad (OS version 4.3 or higher)  
GooglePlay Icon Android™ ( version 2.3.x or higher)  

 Apple, Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is trademark of Google Inc. Google Play is trademark of Google Inc.

Registration in the bank office

  • You should visit any of the branches of Raiffeisenbank and apply for registration
  • After you submit the application form, you will immediately receive your personal username and password for Raiffeisen ONLINE
  • When visiting the branch you may authorize another person to have access to your accounts in Raiffeisen ONLINE and determine their access rights.

Activation of your registration

  • Private Individuals receive access to the services of Raiffeisen ONLINE one working day after they have received their personal username and password
  • Companies receive access to the services of Raiffeisen ONLINE three working days after they have received their personal username and password.