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    Programme for Young Specialists Without Experience

    Share your future with us!

    You are about to finish your higher education? It is time for the first more serious steps in your career development?

    In the Programme for young professionals without experience you will be able to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained in the university and gain valuable experience from the best professionals in the field.

    What do we offer

    The Programme for Young Professionals Without Experience offers you a 6-month full-time paid work experience under employment contract with one of the leading banks in Bulgaria where employee development is a major strategic priority.

    Who can apply

    If you are completing or have just completed your higher education, we will be happy to have you as a member of our team.

    How to apply

    You can get information about the current internship vacancies and apply at our offices and on our website.


    Junior specialist - Recruitment

    Talent searcher, food & shopping lover and supports volunteering initiatives.

    Viber Write to Desi


    Junior specialist - Recruitment

    Looking for motivated and talented candidates, tea lover and adventure enthusiast.

    Viber Write to Marina


    Business partner - Recruitment

    Looking for passionate candidates. Adores being close to nature. Book lover.

    Viber Write to Tsveti


    How to apply

    Information on how to apply for a position in Raiffeisenbank, what documents you will need and where to send them.

    Why Raiffeisenbank

    Find out more about the company as an employer and career development with us.

    Human Resources Department

    Rayna Yakova, Business Partner - Recruitment

    Radka Gancheva, Specialist - Recruitment

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