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    Student Programme

    Join our trainees, learn from the professionals in practice!

    You are a student but seek opportunities to study and develop? Want to find out what work is like in one of the leading banks in Bulgaria?

    The Student Programme provides you with an opportunity to acquire practical skills in a real business environment, to prove and develop your personal qualities and to get support for your future professional orientation.

    What do we offer

    The Student Programme offers you a 45-day unpaid practice in one of the leading banks with over 2,700 employees with varied roles in the provision of  banking products and services.

    At the end of the programme our interns receive a certificate issued by the Bank,provingthat the programme has been completed.

    Who can apply

    The programme is aimed at students at the followings stages of their education:

    • Second, third and fourth year full-time/part-time/distance education students
    • Students in a process of completing a qualification degree at a higher education institution

    How to apply

    You can get information about the current internship vacancies and apply at our offices and on our website.


    How to apply

    Information on how to apply for a position in Raiffeisenbank, what documents you will need and where to send them.

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