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    To implement its sponsorship and donation policy Raiffeisenbank follows a clear procedure for accepting and considering support applications.

    In order to take your application into consideration it must comply above all with the principles of Raiffeisenbank for corporate social responsibility.

    Application for sponsorship and donation

    1. Complete the Sponsorship Form
    2. After it has been received by the Bank, your proposal is forwarded to the Commission on Sponsorships and Donations which holds meetings once a month.
    3. If approved, your application will be reviewed by the Bank's Board of Directors.
    4. Irrespective of the decision taken by the Bank regarding your application, we will notify you of the result within 20 working days.

    Application for participation in Choose to Help

    1. To join the charity campaign of the Bank, please complete the attached form on the website of Choose to Help.
    2. You can send your projects in the period 1 July - 1 August.
    3. First they are reviewed by the Bank’s Commission on Sponsorships and Donations, then they are assessed externally by the Bulgarian Donors Forum and are finally approved by the Bank’s Management Board.
    4. By 15 October of the respective calendar year, we inform you whether your project is approved or not for participation in the campaign.

    Important: Sponsorship and donation to individuals are not allowed according to the principles for support of projects for sponsorships and donations received by Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD and its subsidiaries as well as according to the Regulatory Compliance Regulations.


    Form of sponsorship or donations

    Sponsorship and donation to individuals are not allowed.

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