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    Choose to Help

    Charity campaign of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)

    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) implements its Corporate Social Responsibility mainly through its charity campaign "Choose to Help" (, that was launched in 2009. The campaign includes projects of public relevance developed by non-profit organizations, hospitals etc., in the field of health, social services, culture, education and environmental protection. The significance of the donor initiative has been demonstrated by the number of awards it has received, including Best Donation Programme, Most Transparent Campaign and Investor in Society.

    Every year the projects which are included in Choose to Help are approved by the Bank’s Commission on Sponsorships and Donations in strict compliance with the Principles of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) and its subsidiaries on Sponsorships and Donations and the Regulatory Compliance Regulations. In addition, the projects included in the campaign - as well as all of the Bank’s marketing activities - should comply with the Ethical Marketing Directive Consolidated ICC Code - Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice (305.6 KB) .

    All pre-selected projects are evaluated by the Bulgarian Donors Forum, the external consultant of the campaign (a non-governmental organization uniting the big donors in Bulgaria), and are ultimately endorsed by the Management Board of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria).

    The main objective of the campaign is to involve the Raiffeisen Group employees in Bulgaria in the charity initiatives of the Bank, to provide opportunities for participation in the donation process in order to stimulate the development of charity as a moral value of people - both employees and clients - and to strengthen the image of Raiffeisenbank as a socially responsible institution.

    Over the years, the Bank has supported many socially important projects, educational programmes, cultural events that are organized or offered by organizations, associations, civic associations, companies, institutions.

    Donation campaign "Choose to Help"


    Raiffeisenbank is among the leading universal banks in the country offering financial services, which meet the highest professional standards and needs of the clients.



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