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    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) is among the leading universal banks in the country offering financial services, which meet the highest professional standards and needs of the clients.

    Socially responsible company

    In its relations with clients, partners and the public Raiffeisenbank has developed and follows principles of social responsibility - a pledge for transparent relationships in all spheres of business and public life and a basis of its consistency - that affirm its corporate reputation by building a clear public image, setting high ethical standards for the management of the bank and investing in meaningful and sustainable projects:

    • Principle of non-separation, according to which Raiffeisenbank does not support initiatives leading to separation in society based on religion, belief, ethnicity or social basis
    • Principle of transparency, according to which the information about all projects supported by the Bank is publicly accessible
    • Principle of institutionality, which means that the Bank supports initiatives, events or projects of organizations, associations, civil unions, companies and institutions, and not of private persons
    • Principle of reinvesting in local communities, i.e. assistance for projects in regions where the Bank operates

    The policy on sponsorships and donations, being part of the corporate social responsibility policy of the whole RZB Group, defines the RZB Group standards as a Corporate Citizen.

    • Principle of transparency, according to which the information about all projects supported by the Bank is publicly accessible

    Regulatory Compliance

    For the successful fulfilment of its social responsibility policy, Raiffeisenbank also strictly adheres to a policy of lawfulness and loyalty which ensures the proper implementation of the legal and supervisory regulations and sets out the standards of operation of the Raiffeisen Group in Bulgaria. The foundation of this policy is theof RZB Group which lays down the core values of the Bank and forms the fundamentals of a corporate culture that is compliant with the law and the principles of ethics.


    Main criteria for selection of projects, sponsorships or donations that are supported by Raiffeisenbank and its subsidiaries.


    To implement its sponsorship and donation policy Raiffeisenbank follows a clear procedure for accepting and considering support applications.

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