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    New conditions for the mortgage loans offers Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD

    • Maximuim period for re-payment 25 years,
    • 7,5% interest rate for credits in Euro.
    • The interest rates for consumer loans are reduced with 1%.

    From 16.10.2004 Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD offers to its clients new and more attractive conditions for the mortgage and consumer loans.

    The interest rate for the first year of the credit is 7.50% p.a. for mortgage loans in Euro. The new maximum period for re-payment is 25 years. The customers receive as an extra bonus free of charge Life insurance.

    The interest rates of the consumer loans for the first year of the credit are reduced with 1% and the new interest rates are 10.50% - 11.50% p.a. The customer receives an answer from the bank in 24 hours after the application of the required documents.

    The offer is valid until the December 31, 2004.

    The promotion includes a free of charge VISA Electron or VISA Classic, with annual fee waived for the first year.


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