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    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD donated clothing to the Bulgarian Red Cross on the total amount of BGN 23 207 for between social help homes and people in need


    4 159 winter clothing of the total value of BGN 23 207 were donated by Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD to the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) for being distributed between social help homes and people in need. The BRC General Director, Dr. Sofia Stoimenova and the Raiffeisenbank’s Executive General Manager, Mr. Momtchil Andreev visited the Home for children and youngsters “Asen Zlatarov” in Sofia as a part of the charity action.

    Real Christmas festivities were organized by the representatives of the bank and the BRC. The pop singer Kotzeto Kalki sang Christmas songs, a “real” Santa Claus and Snow-white gave winter pullovers and sweets to the children. The young inhabitants of the social help home gave as presents their drawings as a sign of gratitude.

    Winter pullovers and gifts have also been received by children in another social help home in Sofia – “Petko Slaveykov”.



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