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    Raiffeisenbank launches quick credits without collateral for small and medium sized companies and liberal proffessions


    Since 21st June 2004 Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria offers a new credit product.
    The recipients are small and middle companies with minimum 3 months buisness history, and also liberal proffessions. The credit is secured only by a Promissory note.
    The granted amount of the “Microcredit” is between 1 000 to 7 000 levs.
    The repayment period is up to 24 months in equal monthly installment, including interest and principal.
    The required set of documents is minimised.
    The bank gives an answer to the client within 24 hours after a visit and formed view of the business.
    The credit is granted at 17% fixt annual interst rate.
    Together with Microcredit the client obtains a free debit card Maestro and a free life insurance.


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