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    0% initial interest rate of housing loans launches Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)


    Raiffeisenbank announces 0 per cent interest rate for housing loans in BGN, EUR and USD. The promotion is valid until the end of the year. Raiffeisenbank reduces the loans’ fee from 1,5 per cent to 1 per cent. The fee is payable only once.

    The interest rate for the remain period is 7,95 per cent for loans in BGN and EUR and 8,95 per cent for loans in USD. The bank reduces the requirements for the households’ income – from BGN 100 to BGN 50 each person after paying of all expenses. For example – for BGN 15 000, 10 year mortgage loan – the APR (Annual percentage rate) is 7,11 per cent.

    Until the end of December 2005 Raiffeisenbank extends its traditional promotion, giving the chance of all mortgage loan customers to choose a gift for their new home - DVD-player, coffee-machine, CD radio-cassette player, etc. The client can get a RaiCARD without issuing fee and Visa Classic and Visa Electron without a fee for the first year as well as a free life insurance.

    The clients can get a mortgage loan without a prove of the incomes with 11 per cent interest rate for EUR, 12% for BGN and 11,3 per cent for loans in USD.


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