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    The clients of Raiffeisenbank, owners of Maestro and RaiCARD, have been paying automatically their heat, water and electricity bills


    The new Raiffeisenbank’s service called “Electronic Utility Services” gives the possibility to pay automatically heat, water and electricity. The clients could be informed about their debts via sms and/or e-mail. This service allows the bills to be paid automatically, without confirming every payment. The system checks for any unpaid bills daily, and the client chooses himself what kind of bills he is going to pay. The payment is made, only when there is enough money in the card. Only the owners of Maestro and RaiCARD, issued by Raiffeisenbank, may us the service “Electronic Utility Services”.

    To use this service, the client has to fill up an application form in one of Raiffeisenbanks’ offices. The client could pay with more than one card – this gives the possibility to pay with another card when there isn’t enough money in one card. The clients could determine the maximum amount to be paid from their cards. The client chooses himself if he wants to receive a sms and/or e-mail and when – when he has a new debt, when he hasn’t paid his bills or when there is an unsuccessful payment.

    For the service “Electronic Utility Services” the client pays 0.10 levs, when information via sms is received and 0.05 levs for an e-mail. The owner of the card pays a fee for a standard sms service to the mobile operator and should deposit 5, 10, 15, 20 or 50 BGN.


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