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    Goods can be purchased immediately with Raiffeisenbank’s credit card RaiCARD at Technomarket Europe store chain


    Goods can be purchased immediately with credit card RaiCARD at Technomarket Europe store chain. The card is issued at Raiffesenbank’s outlets in the stores. There are 7 specialized outlets in the whole country, where qualified bank experts work. The bank finances the whole amount of the chosen product. In 2 hours the client gets an approval for the credit card and gets the good. The clients of RaiCARD get 2 per cent discount of the price of the product for all the goods in the store.

    “Raiffeisenbank enters the market of sales financing with the most attractive conditions.We expect, that “The loan to your taste”, as we called the new product for individuals, will be very successful", Momchil Andreev, CEO of Raiffeisenbank said.

    With the sales financing may be purchased goods from BGN 10 to 12 000 and the client determines the installments himself. They are from 5 to 100% of the used amount of the credit card. With the revolving amount can be purchased goods in 10 000 shops in the whole country, utility services can be paid automatically, as well as paying in internet or getting cash from ATMs. The clients of RaiCARD are informed via SMS for their minimal monthly installment.


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