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    Leasing of new cars with a 12,98 BGN daily installment offers Raiffeisen


    Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria starts a promotional program for leasing of new cars. The promotion is valid thru the end of the year. The conditions of the promotion are:

    • Initial installment of 6,9 per cent of the price of the car (VAT not included)
    • Interest rate of 6,9 per cent p.a.
    • No financing fee
    • 5 year term of the leasing

    The repayment of the leasing is at equal monthly installments, the principal and the interest rate is included. According to the new promotion for a car of 21 287 BGN (VAT incl.) the daily installment will be 12,98 BGN, Raiffeisen Leasing experts said.

    Raiffeisen Leasing helps its clients to apply for the insurance and registration fee of the car. The client may pay it in two ways: on the installment plan as a part of the leasing scheme, or only once.
    Together with the start of the promotion, there is a possibility to apply for leasing online – at two of the most popular car internet sites and

    Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria OOD was founded in 2004 and is owned by Raiffeisen Leasing International, Vienna and Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD. Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria is a universal leasing company and through Raiffeisenbank’s 69 offices offers a big variety of leasing products focused on the financial leasing. Raiffeisen Leasing works with companies as well as private individuals and funds the purchase of new and used vehicles, production and specialized.


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