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    The loans for Micro businesses of Raiffeisenbank with new interest rate


    Raiffeisenbank has decreased the initial interest rates to 5,8% p.a. for Micro business loans in Euro and US dollars secured by mortgage. The term of the loans can be up to 10 years, no matter the purpose of the financing – purchasing of equipment, real estate, construction and repair, furnishing or working capital. The new lower interest rate 5,8% is valid for the initial year of the loan term.

    Raiffeisenbank has desreased the interest rate of Microloan with 2,1% and from now on it is offered for 12,9% p.a., instead of 15% up to now. Microloan is intended for financing of micro business and professionals and is granted for up to 10 000 leva and for up to 36 months. The loan is secured only by Promissory note and is granted within 24 hours.


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