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    Raiffeisen offers leasing without a financing fee and with up to 5 years term during the Motor Exhibition Varna 2005.


    Raiffeisenbank is the official bank of the International Motor Exhibition Varna’ 2005. During the exhibition, Raiffeisen, through its company Raiffeisen Leasing, offers promotional conditions for purchasing of new cars – without a financing fee and with an extended maximum term of leasing – from 4 to 5 years.

    For the facilitation of the visitors and participants at the Exhibition, Raiffeisen offers leasing services on its own counter. The copmanies and the individuals, who want to buy a car, can apply for financing at the exhibition; in all 68 Raiffeisen’s outlets, in the central office of Raiffeisen Leasing in Sofia – Business Park building 11, as well as to contact the official car agents and dealers of the chosen type of car. The promotional leasing conditions are valid from the beginning of the Motor Exhibition Varna’2005 until September 16th.

    An additional collateral is not required, the VAT is financed as well and it should be paid during the whole leasing period.


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