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    Raiffeisenbank with 1 per cent lower interest rates for the Autocredit for the purchase of new vehicles, during the Motor Exhibition 2005


    Raiffeisenbank is the official bank of the 15th International Motor Exhibition 2005, which will take place from 10 – 19 June 2005 at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia. The promotional conditions for the purchase of a new vehicle are available from the beginning of the fair until the end of June. The interest rates of the Autocredit for the purchase of new car are lower with 1 per cent, while the arrangement fee are lower with up to 50 per cent.

    The promotional interest rate of the Autocredit becomes 7,5 per cent и 8 per cent, depending on the term of repayment. For the purchase of used up to 3 years vehicles the bank offers its standard conditions – interest rates from 8,5 per cent and 9 pre cent.

    Especially for the customers and the participants of the Motor Exhibition, Raiffeisenbank offers loan services on the stand of the bank. The customers who want to purchase a vehicle with Autocredit from Raiffeisenbank can fill in their application forms and to receive the necessary information at the Exhibition Center.

    The Autocredit is from EUR 120 000, the collateral is the purchased vehicle, while the loan is up to 5 years.

    For additional information:
    PR Department,
    91 985 600/174/167


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