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    Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria announced new, lower interest rates on the retail loans secured with mortgage in euro and BGN


    The promotion is valid until 30.06.2005.

    The best mortgage loan conditions – attractive interest rates, fees and commissions are only a part of the Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria proposal. The easy and fast procedures for applying and processing of the loans, without extended and hidden additional charges are the basic arguments for the strong client interest to the loans of the bank.

    The easiest decisions! – It’s a new motto of the campaign which starts on March 24th , 2005. Our goal is to offer the best conditions in euro and BGN and easy procedures to our customers, to be honest and fair to our clients, comments Mr. Momchil Andreev – CEO of Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria.

    Mortgage loans of Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria are granted for 25 years maturity, without any restrictions in the loan amount, which could reached 100% loan to value ratio in case of granting an additional collateral.
    Within the promotion “Special gift – new home” which is extended to June 30th , 2005 each client with housing loan from the bank receives a special gift: TV set, DVD player, Coffee machine, CD radio MP3, shaker.

    The Mortgage loan purposes could be:
    - purchase of house, flat, garage, plot of land, studio or a part of them;
    - constructions, repairs and improvement of real estate
    - refinancing of mortgage loans granted from other banks

    The new better possibilities are applied to the consumer loans in euro and BGN with mortgage collateral as well.
    This product is the most demanded bank product. The basic advantages of the loan are:
    - relief conditions for client’s creditworthiness (the client‘s outstanding monthly installment could reached up to 70% form the client’s net monthly income)
    - the most profitable interest rates comparing to the standard consumer loans rates
    - longer loan maturity up to 25 years, respectively lower monthly installments
    - Sufficient amounts for financing more expensive purchases and more significant projects, by client’s choice.

    Detailed information for the bank loans and application conditions is available on the Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria green line 0700 10 000 and in all branch units all over the country.


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