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    Raiffeisenbank changes its interest rate’s bulletin and significantly increases the interest rates of the deposits for private individuals


    Raiffesienbank (Bulgaria) EAD changes its interest rate’s bulletin – the thresholds of the amounts for the deposits of the private individuals are going to be 2 – they were 5. For the deposits in BGN the thresholds between 500 and 5000, and from 5001 to 10 000 are unifying in one single threshold – from 500 to 10 000 BGN. The maximum interest rate is 5.10% p.a. These changes provide better conditions for the deposits. For example - there is a 0.10% increase of the interest rate for the up to 5000 BGN deposits. For the deposits, which are over 5000, the interest rate remains the same. The second threshold is for the amounts between 10 001 and 75 000 BGN – the new interest rate is 5.40% p.a. The interest rate for the amounts over 75 000 is negotiable.

    The new thresholds are valid as well, for USD, euro and British pound deposits.
    For the euro deposits the thresholds from 250 to 2500 and from 2501 to 5000 unify in one single - from 250 to 5000 euro – the interest rate for a one month deposit gets 1.60% p.a.; it was 1.55% for the amounts of up to 2500 euro. The increasing is most significant for the amounts between 5001 and 40 000 euro – the interest rate is 1.80% p.a., as the old one was 1.65% p.a.

    The interest rates of the current and card accounts remain the same. For a current account in BGN the interest rate is 0.25% and for the card accounts – 0.75% – for the up to 10 000 BGN amounts and 2.25% - over 10 001.


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