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    Raiffeisenbank, in cooperation with the European investment bank, finances municipal projects for more than 5 mln. BGN.


    Raiffeisenbank finances municipal projects for more than 5 mln. BGN, as a part of the credit line of the European investment bank. The credit line was received in the beginning of the year. Raiffeisenbank finances projects for the road network rehabilitation of Gorna Oryahovica, Lovech, and Troyan municipalities.

    According to the credit line with the European investment bank, Raiffeisenbank finances municipal investment projects in building and modernizing the municipal infrastructure in the sphere of transport, environment, education, health care, etc. All municipalities, municipal companies and private companies, working on public projects, interested in the financing, may apply for a loan of the joint program of Raiffeisenbank and EIB till the end of 2005.

    The main requirements of the loan are: the term of the loan is at least 48 months and its amount is up to 5 mln. Euro.
    In addition to the commercial lending, there are grant - schemes - 5 % of the price of the project. The grants are part of the PHARE program of the EU.


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