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    Raiffeisenbank decreases the interests on its “Autocredit” for companies and individuals.


    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD decreased interest rates on its product “Autocredit” for companies and individuals to 8.5% and 9%, depending on the duration of the credit period. The clients can now apply without paying any fee for examination the documents*, and the loan re-payment period is up to 60 months.

    The credit is intended for financing the purchase of new or used up to 3 years cars from an official importer or auto-dealer.
    Companies can also receive financement for purchase of vans and trucks – new and used up to 4 years.
    The amount of the loan is up to 120 000 euro and as a security serves only the purchased vehicle. The dawn payment is minimum 10% for cargo-vehicles and 20% for cars.
    The clients receive approval on “Autocredit” within 5 working days after presenting all the required documents.
    The company clients can additionally negotiate larger amount of the loan and financement of the due VAT.

    *The remaining conditions and costs on the loan are according to the operative tariff and the general conditions of the bank.


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