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    Raiffeisenbank doubles the amount of the financing of Microloans for small enterprises and freelancers.


    Raiffeisenbank doubles the amount of the financing of its noncollateral loans, used by small enterprises and freelancers. The amount of the financing becomes up to 20 000 BGN and the term of the repayment is 60 months, as it was 36. The interest rate of the Microloan is 12,9% p.a. and it is easy to apply for financing. The bank gives an answer to the client within 24 hours after a visit and formed view of the documents. The credit is secured only by a Promissory note.

    The recipients of the loan are small companies and freelancers with minimum 3 months buisness history. The financing could be used for investment and working capital.

    The procedure may be easier, as there is a possibility to apply for Microloan online, without a visit to any Raiffeisen’s office. The small enterprises may apply at and at the home page of


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