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    Raiffeisenbank expands its presence in internet. The clients may apply in the sites of Netinfo group as well as in


    Since mid October, the clients of Raiffeisenbank have been applying online for the products of the bank on the most popular internet sites of Netinfo group. Until now they have been applying only on The clients may apply for RaiCARD, SME credits and leasing.

    Without visiting a bank office, the clients may send online application for the domestic credit card RaiCARD on the sites of Netinfo. Three days after the application, the client receives information on the phone for the approved credit limit. After 5 working days he can get his RaiCARD at the chosen banks office.

    The clients of Raiffeisenbank, with small and middle sized enterprises, can apply online for credit on Netinfo sites. The firms may apply online for investment and working capital and micro loans.
    In 24 hours bank officer, per telephone, reaches the client.
    The noncollateral microloans are for the small business and the freelancers. The amount of the financing is up to 20 000 BGN and the term of the repayment is 60 months. There is no restriction for the investment and working capital loans; the repayment term is up to 10 years.

    An application for a new car may be submitted in internet as well. Raiffeisen Leasing launched a promotional program for purchasing of new car. The promotion is valid thru the end of the year. The conditions are: 6,9 per cent interest rate, repayment term – up to 5 years and initial installment of 6,9 per cent of the price of the car (VAT not included).


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