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    Raiffeisenbank informs its clients via SMS for transactions with their bank cards and the current cash availability of the cards. The message with the answer is received in 10 minutes


    Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria offers a new service for its clients, who are owners of bank cards – SMS message with information about the transactions with the card, as well as the cash availability. In 10 minutes, after the client has made the transaction via ATM, POS, or in internet, the owner of the card receives a message, with information about the date of the transaction, the time of the authorization; where it was (ATM, POS), the amount and the currency.

    The owners of Raiffeisenbank’s cards – Maestro, VISA Electron, VISA Classis and RaiCARD, who are subscribers of Mtel and Globul, can use the service “SMS notice”.
    The new service gives the possibility to have information about the card account, about eventual illegal operations with the card, to control its usage, as well as to control the usage of the additional cards, which are part of the same account, which are owned by the family members.

    To receive the SMS message with the information about the transactions and the cash availability, the client should fill up an application form. After the registration, the owner of the card receives a 4 digit code. The client sends this code and receives the information.

    The service is free of charge, when information about the cash amount is required. The client should pay 0, 20 BGN when information about the transactions is required. The owner of the card pays the fee for a standard sms service to the mobile operator and should deposit 5, 10, 15, 20 or 50 BGN.


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