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    Raiffeisenbank informs its clients for their monthly loan installments via SMS


    From the middle of August 2005 Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) has started a new service – Per SMS, the bank will inform its clients, who are Mtel or Globul subscribers, about their monthly loan installments, actual information about the new products and services, promotions, news, as well as the preferential conditions of the bank. The service is free for all the clients of the bank, who use the following services: consumer loans, mortgage loans, revolving credit card RaiCARD, and credits for small and middle enterprises.

    To start this service, the clients of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) have to fill up an application form, in which an actual mobile number should be specified.

    The clients of Raiffesenbank (Bulgaria), who use consumer of mortgage loans will have the possibility to fill up and send the form per mail, for free.


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