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    Raiffeisenbank launched national credit card


    The Chairman of the Managing Board and CEO of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD mr. Momchil Andreev bestowed the first RaiCARD with serial number 000001 001 to Astor during the official presentation of the card, organized by the bank for the media in Grand Hotel Sofia. The Magician Astor used the opportunity to show to the journalist magical ways of “withdrawing money” from the new RaiCARD of the bank.

    National credit card RaiCARD launched today Raiffeisenbank for use on the territory of the whole country. RaiCARD is a revolving credit card in BGNvailable to all Bulgarian citizens aged between 18 and 63, who have a regular monthly income. The new card is the more convenient way for paying goods and services in the trade network, for withdrawing cash money from every cash machine in the country and for covering monthly household expenses. Rai CARD has credit limit from 500 to 12 000 BGN, which depends on the monthly income. The clients receive a preliminary approval within 3 working days, as the bank does not request financial security or minimum deposit for issuing RaiCARD.

    RaiCARD is the easiest way to obtain an express credit without guarantee, to be used upon the client’s choice without any period restriction. The credit from the card revolves – with each used amount from the card, until the 15th of every next month a minimum of 5% for the spent money has to be restored, but not less than 25 BGN, as well as the accrued interests and taxes during the month. The refunded amount is added to the disposable credit limit. Payments on the account can be made any time in amount chosen by the client, as the credit limit can be 100% withdrawn.

    Raiffeisenbank offeres to all RaiCARD clients a special Bonus-program. At the end of each calendar month the bank refunds 1% of the value of all payments/purchases made through the month with RaiCARD. As an additional convenience every RaiCARD customer can receive by SMS information for the minimum due payment for the credit used during the previous month and the payment time limit.
    Anybody who desires to posses a RaiCARD can receive information and preliminary approval on tel.: 0700 10 000 for bTK users (on a cost of a local call) and tel.: 17 21 for Mtel and Globul users (without increase of the tariff). Starting next month also the 80 mobile bankers of the bank will be consulting clients in 8 cities in the country, who desire to have a RaiCARD


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