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    Raiffeisenbank launches Hot consumer loan – BGN 7000, up to 7 years, no collateral


    Raiffeisenbank launches the so called “Hot loan”, with no collateral needed and with fixed installments. The amount of the loan is up to BGN 7000 and maximum repayment term of up to 7 years. The applicants for the “Hot loan” will be approved in 15 minutes, if they connect to the Call center of Raiffeisenbank – 0700 10 000 (bTC) and 1721 (Mtel and Globul). In addition, Raiffeisenbank gives a free debit card and a bonus - credit card RaiCard with no free for the first year.

    For the clients, who need bigger amount and longer repayment term, Raiffeisenbank offers a collateral loan with maximum amount of BGN 15 000 and a repayment term of up to 10 years.

    Raiffeisenbank is the first bank in Bulgaria to start the implementation of the gentlemen agreement among banks for more transparency and openness of the bank advertisements. According to that agreement, in every advertisement of the Hot loan, Raiffeisenbank will announce the Annual percentage rate (APR), incl. the principal, interest rates and all the fees.


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