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    Raiffeisenbank launches a new service for RaiCARD holders


    RaiCARD holders can pay their installment via ATM, if they posses Raiffeisenbank’s Maestro debit card. The new service allows the transfer of money from debit card to RaiCARD domestic credit card, without visiting a bank office. RaiCARD holders have to apply for this service and in a day they will have the possibility to transfer money via every BORIKA ATM.
    The minimal installment must be transferred to RaiCARD until the 14th of every month.

    Raiffeisenbank offers to all RaiCARD clients and a special Bonus-program, as well. At the end of the month the bank refunds 1% of the value of all payments/purchases made with RaiCARD. Every RaiCARD holder gets a SMS with the information about the minimal monthly installment and the date of payment.


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