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    Raiffeisenbank presents an unique service for the Bulgarian market


    Unique service for the Bulgarian market - “Mobile bankers” presents Raiffeisenbank. For the first time, private customers – consumers of bank products can receive professional consultations for consumer and mortgage loans, bankcards and deposits without visiting a bank office.

    The “Mobile bankers” service is absolutely for free - they explain to the customers the conditions of the products, give consultations for the most appropriate bank service for every concrete case, assist by filling the required documents for the customer and forward the documents to the bank office. On the telephone number of the bank’s Call Center 0700 10 000 every customer can ask for a meeting with a mobile banker in convenient for the customer time and place – at home, in the office, the cafe or else where. A consultation and a visit by a mobile banker of Raiffeisenbank can be received by the citizens of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varan, Bourgas, Stara Zagora and Pazardjik.

    Raiffeisenbank has a network of 60 professionally trained mobile bankers, well educated, who has passed a strict selection procedure and with excellent communicative abilities. The mobile bankers have signed contracts with Raiffeisenbank to offer exclusively the services of the bank. They identify themselves by a special card with a photo, ID number and signed by authorized by the bank persons. The mobile bankers don’t operate with cash.

    The service “Mobile bankers” is typical for the banks from the RZB Group. The mobile bankers operate successfully in the banks from the Central and Eastern Europe – Hungary, Poland, Rumania. With the new service, Raiffeisenbank offers to its customers – private individuals an opportunity to save time and makes easier their access to the bank products purposed for them.


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