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    Raiffeisenbank prolongs the term for the promotional campaign for international VISA cards issuing till the end of September

    • VISA Еlectron – without card opening fee, without bank service annual fee
    • VISA Classic - without card opening fee, without bank service annual fee

    Raiffaisenbank prolongs the promotional campaign for issuing Visa Electron and Visa Classic bank cards till the end of September, 2005. Within the promotion everybody who wants can take thе opportunity to get VISA card from Raiffeisenbank without card opening fee and bank service annual fee.

    The Raiffeisenbank's VISA cards are obtainable in BGN, EURO, USD.
    Raiffeisenbank gets no fee for shopping through POS-terminal with VISA card all over the country. The fee for the ATM withdrawals with Raiffeisenbank's VISA is the same as the fee for the ATM withdrawals with domestic bank card – 0.20 BGN. The minimum balance of the bank card account become smaller - for the VISA Electron it’s 10 BGN, for VISA Classic it’s 120 BGN.

    The international VISA cards are the most popular bank cards in the world. By using VISA cards you can get cash easy and convenient in local currency from 950 000 ATMs in the world. With Visa cards you can pay for goods and services in 27 mln. shops, hotels, restaurants and other trade centres in the world. Visa card is the easiest way to buy the good you need in every point of the world, using no cash. With VISA card you can buy things on the Net, or make all kind of reservations for the hotel, flying tickets etc.


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