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    Raiffeisenbank won a public tender of Sofia Municipality - the Bank will lend 38,180 mln. BGN to the city of Sofia for its investment expenses


    Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria (EAD), competing with 6 other banks, won a public tender for an investment loan, which will additionally finance the program for investment expenses of Sofia Municipality. The contract is for 38,180 mln. BGN.

    The loan will be used to finance the supply of installation for packing the waste of Sofia, the reconstruction of “Gabrovo” str. – from “Slivnitza” blvd. to “Skopie” Str. and a road from “Skopie” str. to Over bridge “Nadezhda”; the first stage of the reconstruction of “Opalchenska” str. – from “Al. Stamboliiski” blvd. to “Maria Luisa” blvd.; the reconstruction of the square in front of the Central railway station and the rotunda; the transformation of the Mineral Bath building to a Sofia museum; as well as the rehabilitation of houses, etc.


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