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    The small and middle sized enterprises can already apply in Internet for loans and leasing from Raiffeisenbank.


    For the first time in Bulgaria, the clients of Raiffeisenbank, with small and middle sized enterprises, can apply online for credit or leasing. They should not visit the offices of the bank. The clients can apply in internet at the web site of Raiffeisenbank –, as well as, at the biggest Bulgarian internet portal – The firms may apply online for working capital, micro loan, car loan and leasing.

    Detailed information about all the credit products of Raiffeisenbank could be getting at the start page of and at the official site of the bank. Clients can apply there as well. In 24 hours bank or leasing officer, per telephone, reaches the client. The answer of the loan request will be received in 5 days, after the client has filled all the papers.

    Raiffeisenbank offers to the small enterprises investment and working capital loans for up to 10 years – there is no restriction of the amount of the loan. The clients may apply easy, business plan is not required. Real estate, transport means, equipment, etc. should be used as collateral. The bank offers loans without collateral with up to 10 years term, the interest rate is 12,9% per year and the answer of the credit request is received in 24 hours. The clients may apply for Car loan and leasing – online – at the web site of Raiffeisenbank. The term is up to 5 years.


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