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    Mobile Credit Centers Start Traveling Through Bulgaria


    Raiffeisenbank launches three specialized mobile credit centers. They will start to travel through small towns in the Bulgaria, offering SMEs and free-lancers easier access to banking services and financing. Potential customers can apply for investment loans and working capital only with ID and court registration of the company.

    The mobile credit centers will stop for a day at central places in each town. It will be announced in advance through posters in the towns and on the bank's website. Raiffesenbank's Mobile credit centers will visit 59 small towns. The first stage will be in Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia regions. The first stop of the Mobile centers will be today in towns of Elin Pelin, Strelcha and Devnya. On November 13th 2006, the specialized centers will be in Pirdop, Zlatiza, Kostenez and Beloslav and the next day they will stop in Etropole, Belovo and Souvorovo towns.

    Except financing, at the Mobile credit centers the clients may apply for the bank service packages Initiative + and Initiative ++.


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