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    Owners of small companies get a credit card along with the business credit


    The owners of small and medium-sized companies, which are approved for a business credit from Raiffeisenbank, get a bonus –domestic credit card RaiCARD without additional collateral. RaiCARD has a pre-approved credit limit between BGN 500 and 12 000.The companies, clients of Raiffeisenbank, which buy additionally the package for bank services “Initiative+”, will get up to two RaiCARDs with no fees for the first year. There are also bonus preferences for the users of “Initiative+”: free of charge opening of bank accounts, free installation of POS terminals, as well as installation of electronic banking system ELBA International and internet banking Raiffeisen Online. The clients will also get international bank cards Maestro, VISA ELECTRON and VISA CLASSIC.


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