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    Raiffeisenbank and launch special internet credit card


    Raiffeisenbank and launch the national credit card, created especially for internet users. The new co-branded card combines the functions of a credit card for cash withdrawal or payments in stores or internet and free VIP Web Communicator for internet surfing. The access to VIP WEB Communicator Glog, provided by allows the card holder to create personal and professional web sites, which can be used via cell phone too.

    The new card is available to all Bulgarian citizens between 18 and 63 years old with regular income. It is the easiest way to get a fast loan without guarantors. “” is a revolving domestic credit card as the credit limit varies between BGN 500 and 12 000. The’s service VIP Web Communicator Glog can also be used and via international debit card Maestro.
    “” holders get additional 1% bonus of all payments/purchases at the end of the month. Clients may apply for “” online on and, or in the 87 Raiffeisebank’s offices all over the country.


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