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    Raiffeisenbank decreases with 50% the interest rate of its RaiCARD credit card


    Raiffeisenbank decreases with 50% the interest rate of its domestic credit card – RaiCARD – every client, who has applied for the credit card between September 1st and November 30th 2006 will benefit the lower interest rate of 9% p.a. The promotion is valid until the end of February 2007.

    Raiffeisenbank offers and additional bonus program to RaiCARD holders – 1% bonus of all payments/purchases at the end of the month and 2% cash back of any purchase made at Technomarket Europe store chain.

    RaiCARD is a revolving domestic credit card. The card can be used for payments via POS and internet, cash withdrawals from ATM or utility services payments. The credit limit varies between BGN 500 to BGN 12 000 and depends on the income.


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