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    Raiffeisenbank extends its housing loans promotion – initial 0% interest rate will be valid until the end of the year


    Raiffeisenbank extends the term of its housing loans’ promotion until Dec. 31 2006. The initial interest rate is 0% for loans in BGN, EUR and USD. The interest for the remainder is 7,85 for loans in BGN, 7,35% for loans in EUR and 8,85 for USD. The bank has decreased the fees for unscheduled repayment from 5% to 3% for the standard housing and consumer loans.

    The clients can receive experts’ consultation and an offer for purchase of house or real estate in all 90 Raiffeisenbank’s outlets, as well as at the bank’s counter at Imoti Expo Fair, which starts on Oct. 20 2006 in Sofia.


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