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    Raiffeisenbank launches free Internet Banking for private individuals and companies, using the most contemporary security system


    Raiffeisenbank launches its newest service Raiffeisen Online – Internet banking, which provides fast and secure access to all personal and corporative bank accounts at any time and any place through the internet site The Internet banking allows the client to make payments in BGN or foreign currency, using its PC or laptop, to inform him about its current bank accounts, as well as to get information about its loans or deposits.
    The users of Raiffeisen Online can make transfers in BGN, EUR or USD between their bank accounts, using their PC and internet, to order mass payments to the employees of their company, as well as to pay their taxes.

    Raiffeisen Online is developed on the basis of latest technologies for protection of information - 2-factor protection is established – unique user name password, as well as electronic certificate for authorization of the payment orders. The electronic certificate is an electronic signature, which preserves unique data for every customer, as well as cryptographic keys, so that the maximum security and protection of the data is guaranteed.

    The interface is user friendly that provides easier and faster access. The system is compatible with IBAN accounts and allows filling in electronic forms, renaming bank accounts, changes of user name and password, as well as information of the exact time in which the system was used. There is also an option for defining different rights for the use of the system and the access to the accounts of the client, depending on client’s needs. The internet page allows export to Word, Excel and XML.
    The request form for internet banking can be sent online – on the web page of the product, as well as at every office of Raiffeisenbank. The registration, monthly handling and the issuing of electronic certificate are free of charge. The bank collects no fees for information services, as well as for inner banking transactions in leva and euro.

    Valeri Bojinov(The footbal palyer Valeri Bojinov made a donation, using Raiffesienbank's internet banking)


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