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    Raiffeisenbank’s Maestro debit card became international


    Raiffeisenbank starts issuing international debit card Maestro. All newly issued Maestro cards might already be used and abroad, thus enlarging the usage of the card not only on domestic level, but also for payments of goods and services abroad, withdrawals from ATMs or POS terminals in any bank office.

    The international debit card Maestro is issued to private individuals and the account can be only in BGN. The transactions abroad are made in the local currency, as it is converted to BGN. The issuing of the card, as well as the opening and the maintenance of the card account is free of charge, and the minimum balance is 2 BGN.

    Raiffeisenbank’s Maestro debit card can be used for ordering payments to more than 100 different traders through the bPay menu of every ATM, as no additional registration or visit to the bank office is required. The card holders can pay any bills to traders, registered on the ePay system for ATM payments, as well as public utilities to BTK, M-Tel, Globul, power supply companies, cable TVs. The card holders can also get a mini statement of the last 5 transactions.


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