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    Raiffeisen Offers Gold and Silver Items of the Highest Purity for the Upcoming Holidays


    In view of the upcoming spring holidays – the Flower Feast, Easter and St. George’s Day, as well as the graduation balls, Raiffeisenbank launches a promotional campaign, during which customers can buy gold and silver items of the highest purity at promotional prices.

    For the Flower Feast and the graduation balls Raiffeisenbank offers silver and gold bars of the Swiss refinery PAMP of the IcOns series – Blooms with patterns of rose, orchid and iris. The silver bar lockets have purity of 999/1000, weight of 6.22 grams and are offered for BGN 69, inclusive of VAT. The gold bar lockets have the highest purity, their weight is also 6.22 grams, and their price is BGN 539. The bar lockets go with a raw silk necklace and a jewel clasp packed in an organza pouch and put in a luxury box. Every bar has engraved on it flower patterns and on the opposite side there is a marking guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the lockets.

    For Easter customers can buy a gold egg, which together with its stand costs BGN 102, inclusive of VAT. Suitable for St. George’s Day are the gold and silver commemorative medals “St. George the Victorious”. The silver medals have purity of 999/1000, their weight is 20 grams and they cost BGN 69, inclusive of VAT. The gold medals have the highest purity, they have weight of 1.55 grams and cost BGN 206.

    During the promotional campaign, which will last till the end of May 2012, customers can also buy other gold and silver items at lower prices – bars, zodiac lockets, commemorative coins, etc.

    Apart from the sale of precious metal items, Raiffeisenbank also offers repurchasing of gold and silver from individuals. The bank repurchases investment gold, as well as jewelry and other yellow gold and silver items. The repurchasing is done in a specially equipped office of the bank at 11 Arsenalski Blvd. in Sofia, where in front of the client the metal is analyzed by means of up-to-date and accurate equipment.


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