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    Raiffeisenbank Creates Online Media Center for the Journalists


    Raiffeisenbank has created a specialized media center containing diverse information for the media and for all visitors of the bank’s corporate website. The specialized subsection of the website offers a wide range of presentation documents, up-to-date information and multimedia contents for the media to use when they prepare their articles or for reading the latest news about the bank. The media center also contains information about events and awards, an archive of interviews and other publications, and a press kit with a presentation of Raiffeisenbank, contacts, etc.

    The photo and video galleries are a useful feature of the media center. The photo page contains logos of the bank and its subsidiaries, and also pictures of awards, events, products, etc., while the video section provides video materials from press conferences, events and commercials. All galleries in the media center allows for the pictures to be downloaded with the option “Download image”. The RSS functionality gives the users the opportunity to make a subscription for receiving information from the center and thus stay updated about its contents. RSS feeds can also be received for the press releases, which can be viewed in the News section of Raiffeisenbank’s website.


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