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    Raiffeisenbank, Knauf Bulgaria Partner for Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings


    • The bank extends purpose-bound loans for energy saving projects
    • Gratuitous financial help for households after finishing the project

    Knauf Bulgaria EOOD and Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD have started a joint campaign, during which customers will be acquainted with the opportunities for improving the energy efficiency in their homes and the ways to finance such projects. The two companies are partners on the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line (REECL) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which also includes gratuitous funding.

    The Line gives households or associations of home owners from the whole country the opportunity to take advantage of Knauf’s energy efficiency systems and take purpose-bound loans and gratuitous funding from Raiffeisenbank.

    Households, which fund their energy saving activities by means of a loan from Raiffeisenbank, extended under the Line, can receive gratuitous aid of up to 20% of the expenses on individual projects and of up to 30% of the expenses on group projects for total improvement of multi-family buildings. Thus the clients save money on a long-term basis due to the smaller energy expenses. The loans are extended under a clear and simple procedure, and a short period of paying the gratuitous funds.

    Since the start of the REECL program in 2005, Raiffeisenbank has granted more than 6,500 loans for energy saving activities of households.

    For a better access to energy efficiency products and to the REECL program, Knauf and Raiffeisenbank will host joint events in 12 towns in the whole country from 2 May till 1 June 2012. During the events the clients will be able to get acquainted with Knauf’s products for improving the energy efficiency of their homes, as well as with the terms for taking an Energy Efficiency loan from Raiffeisenbank.

    The practical demonstrations of the Knauf façade insulation systems and Vidifloor + EPS for thermal insulation of unusable under-roof spaces will take place in May in the storehouses of the distributers of Knauf Bulgaria EOOD in the towns of Blagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Velingrad, Vidin, Dobrich, Dupnitsa, Karlovo, Kazanlak, Montana, Razgrad, Sliven and Shoumen.

    Knauf’s W333 façade wall is suitable for transforming balconies into a living area and reconstruction of one- or multi-family buildings. Building of this energy efficient thin wall is easy, without any wet processes, by means of a metal or wooden profile construction and board lining when the wall is 19 to 32 cm thick, with the 32 cm thick wall achieving the passive house standard.

    With the Knauf Thermosystem no condensation or mould are possible. The insulation lining does not allow for low temperatures to get into the outer wall and the energy loss can be reduced by up to 50 percent. It is suitable for insulating all kinds of outer walls – brick, aerated concrete, concrete.

    Vidifloor + EPS boards – a system for thermal insulation of unusable under-roof spaces: the combined Knauf Vidifloor + EPS floor board elements consist of glued Vidifloor gypsum fibre and polystyrene. The gypsum fibre unit is of the GF-W2 type, according to the Bulgarian State Standard EN 15283, 10 mm thick, and the EPS unit corresponds to the Bulgarian State Standard EN 13163:2009, 100 mm thick. The two components are displaced so that a step-like frieze is formed connecting the elements to each other by an overlapping without any additional fixing means. They are suitable for thermal insulation of unusable under-roof spaces and are distinguished with their fast and easy fitting and energy saving characteristics.

    Main advantages of the Knauf systems:
    Highly efficient combination of compatible components;
    Durable materials;
    German quality products under European standards;
    Reduced heat losses through the outer walls;
    Saved expenses for heating and cooling;
    Quick reimbursement of the invested funds;
    Enhanced comfort of the living area.

    The Knauf products meet the standards: EN 520; EN 15283:2; EN 14195; ETAG 004;

    For more information you can visit and or call the information center of Knauf Bulgaria EOOD: 0700 300 03.


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