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    Raiffeisenbank with Promotion on Credit Cards – No Fee for Withdrawals from All ATMs in the Country and Abroad


    Raiffeisenbank has launched a promotional campaign for newly issued credit cards MasterCard, Visa, RaiCARD, and for the co-branded credit cards UNIQA MasterCard, AVON MasterCard and BILLA Visa, during which the clients will not pay a fee for withdrawals from Raiffeisenbank ATMs, as well as from all other ATMs, including those abroad.

    The promotion is valid for new card holders, who submit an application for a credit card by 15 September 2012. They will be able to take advantage of the promotional terms till 15 October 2012.

    The existing Raiffeisenbank cardholders will also be able to use their credit cards with no fee for withdrawing at the ATMs in the country and abroad by 15 October, provided they take part in the “Bring a Client” promotion. Within the promotion, they have to bring to the bank a friend who applies and is approved for taking a credit car


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