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    Raiffeisenbank with Promotional Terms on Loans for SMEs


    • Fixed interest rate for the first year
    • The promotion is valid till 30 June 2012

    Raiffeisenbank launched a promotional campaign on newly issued loans with collateral for small and midsized enterprises with a fixed interest for the first year. For loans in EUR the fixed interest rate amounts to 7% and for loans in BGN it is 8% on an annual basis. For the remaining period of the loan the interest rate is determined on the basis of a 1-month EURIBOR value for loans in EUR and a 1-month SOFIBOR value for loans in BGN, plus spread. The concrete interest rate terms depend on the currency and the collateral. The maximum amount of the loan is EUR 250 000 or its counter value in BGN. The loan management fee for the first year stands at 0.50% of the loan amount, and for the remaining period it is 1% per year.

    The small and midsized companies can use the financing for investment purposes, as well and for working capital needs, and the maximum term of the loan is up to 15 years for investment loans and up to 5 years for working capital loans. The promotional terms are valid for newly issued loans with collateral with loan applications submitted by 30 June 2012


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