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    Raiffeisenbank’s Choose to Help Campaign Supports Children at Risk


    Raiffeisenbank’s campaign Choose to Help 2011 raised BGN 22,334 in support of the project of SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria “Future for me, too” for helping children deprived of parent care or at risk of losing their parents. The funds were raised from personal donations of 152 employees of the Raiffeisen Group, from donations made directly to the organization’s bank accounts, from donation SMS messages, as well as from the bank, which added BGN 100 for each donation of its employees.

    The funds collected in the campaign will help 100 children, included in the programs for family-oriented care at the SOS Children’s Villages and the SOS Youth Homes, as well as in the programs for prevention of abandonment at the family consulting and support centers of SOS Children’s Villages.

    SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria takes care of more than 750 children, included in the SOS Children’s Villages in the towns of Tryavna and Dren, the SOS Youth Homes in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo and the four Family Consulting and Support Centers in Sofia, Gabrovo, Radomir and Veliko Tarnovo. Quite a big part of these children have serious problems leading to child developmental delays like language or speech problems, physical damages, mental retardation, emotional or behavioral problems. These children are subject to both group and individual work. The project involves the most urgent and serious cases in order to provide maximum support for the social integration of the children with developmental difficulties.

    Raiffeisenbank’s third campaign Choose to Help raised BGN 387,102. The campaign took place in the period of November 2011 – January 2012 and supported 22 projects in the spheres of healthcare, social services, environmental protection and culture and education, for which 2897 employees of the Raiffeisen Group in Bulgaria made personal donations. In the last three years the initiative has supported nearly 90 projects with over BGN 1.16 million for helping sick children, old people, socially disadvantaged people, and also cultural, educational and environmental projects.

    The website of the initiative – – remains active for donations. It also contains the reports of the organizations included in the campaign of how the donated funds have been spent.


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