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    Raiffeisenbank’s fourth charity campaign “Choose to Help” launches with the support of 11 distinguished national media

    • 20 significant healthcare, social, cultural and environmental projects will be presented and supported in the campaign
    • The initiative has new advertising design concept and website

    For the fourth year in a row Raiffeisenbank launched its "Choose to Help" donation campaign, including 20 significant healthcare, social, cultural and environmental projects, which will be financed. The projects will be presented and promoted with the gratuitous support of 11 distinguished national media – 24 Chasa daily, the Bulgarian National Radio, the Bulgarian National Television, Darik Radio, е, IDEA comm, Nova TV, Spisanie Osem magazine, Standart daily, Treta Vazrast weekly and Trud daily.

    The website of the campaign presents the projects of the nonprofit organizations, hospitals, etc., for which one can make donations directly to the bank accounts of the selected projects or via an online transfer through the payment system. The donation platform opens today and will remain active till the end of the year. Donations can also be made by sending SMS messages for every project.

    "This year the initiative has a regional focus and apart from Sofia we will also back projects of hospitals and organizations in the towns of Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Pazardjik and Haskovo," commented Momchil Andreev, Chairperson of the Management Board and CEO of Raiffeisenbank. "In this way, we will observe the Raiffeisen principle for support of regions, in which the bank operates," Mr. Andreev added.

    The employees of the Raiffeisen Group in Bulgaria will be able to make personal donations to a project of their choice, and Raiffeisenbank will add BGN 100 to every employee's donation regardless of the amount they donate. Apart from the initial 20 projects, the employees can suggest other projects, which will also be included in the campaign.

    "Choose to Help" 2012 launches with a brand new advertising design and website. The new advertising concept was developed and created by the initiative's partners Ogilvy and Chouchkov Brothers. The Internet platform at has a new design and a user friendly interface with better interactivity and functionality.

    In the three previous editions Raiffeisenbank's "Choose to Help" charity campaign raised over BGN 1.16 million for nearly 90 projects in support of sick children, older and disadvantaged people, culture, education and environmental protection.


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