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    More Than BGN 280,000 Raised So Far in Raiffeisenbank’s Fourth Donation Campaign “Choose to Help”


    The donation campaign continues – everyone can support the projects at or by sending an SMS message

    Some BGN 284,398 has so far been raised in Raiffeisenbank’s fourth donation campaign “Choose to Help”, about 70% of it donated for healthcare projects. The funds were raised due to personal donations of 2400 employees of the Raiffeisen Group and the bank, which added BGN 100 to each of the employees’ donations.

    The “Choose to Help” initiative and its donation platform remain active for donors outside the bank – individuals and companies that would like to make a donation. The 24 projects included in the initiative aim at solving problems in the spheres of healthcare, the social services, culture and education, and environmental protection. Raiffeisenbank’s active donation campaign continues till the end of January 2013 and everyone can support the projects by making a donation on the campaign’s website or by sending and SMS message.

    The sum does not include the funds donated directly to the organizations and the SMS messages. The initiative’s website will remain active after the issuance of the report on the funds raised during the campaign, which will take place in the beginning of February 2013. The website will publish the reports of the organizations included in the campaign on how they have spent the donated funds.


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