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    7.97% fixed interest rate for the first year on Consumer Loan in promotional campaign of Raiffeisenbank


    Special installation in shopping centers in Sofia and Varna will present promotional terms 

    • Maximum amount of BGN 35,000 for up to 10 years
    • Promotion till June-end 2014

    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) launched a promotional campaign on new consumer loans, in which clients can benefit from lower interest rate for loans of a maximum amount of BGN 35 000. During the campaign, the interest rate is 7.97% for loans up to 7 years and 8.97% for a period exceeding 7 years. The interest rate is fixed for the first year, and for the remaining period it is formed based on a 6-month SOFIBOR plus margin. The period for paying the loans is up to 10 years with no early repayment fee. A bonus to the consumer loan is a credit card with preliminarily approved limit with no service fee for the first year. The promotional terms are valid for new consumer loans applications till 30 June 2014.

    Promotional campaign on new consumer loans will be presented till end of April by special pin-art installation in big shopping centers. All visitors of shopping malls in Sofia and Varna will be able to "give a shape" to their desired purchases through a unique pin-art installation of Raiffeisenbank. The original way of expressing customers’ desires is part of the bank consumer loan's campaign that customers can fulfill their dream purchases. The pin-art installation is a giant frame (120x180 cm) with thousands capped aluminum pins, which form dense surface. It allows visitors to interact with the installation and make their own pin impressions making them a real life pin-up in a different sense.

    Everyone will be able to "give a shape of the desires" on the special pin art installation from 4 to 6 April /Friday-Sunday/ in Serdika Center Mall in Sofia. From 10 till 12 of April /Wednesday-Suturday/ in The MALL, and form 25 till 27 of April in Mall Varna.  


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