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    Haskovo hospital with a new respirator for premature infants due to Raiffeisenbank’s campaign "Choose to Help"


    Neonatal ventilator for premature infants worth BGN 25 368 was purchased with funds from the campaign"Choose to Help" initiated by Raiffeisenbank and already operates in the Department of Neonatology of the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment "Haskovo". The total sum donated to the Department of Neonatology of the hospital in Haskovo amounted to BGN 42,486, as the donation only from Raiffeisenbank and its 307 employees who supported this project was more than BGN 36 000. With the remaining funds lie ahead to be purchased neonatal patient monitors that measure vital indicators of newborns - temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and that allow better control of the doctors and the medical staff.

    Premature infants with low weight require prolonged treatment and care under optimum conditions of oxygen concentrations and temperature comfort. The modern and innovative equipment for this risk group of children provides the opportunity for better control of respiratory parameters for children on mechanical ventilation. This prevents the risk of later complications - retinopathy of prematurity, cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease which can now be avoided, due to the new equipment.

    “The availability of this medical technique gives the opportunity for improving the quality of care in our department and therefore much better neonatal activity, and shorter hospitalization of the newborn”, commented Dr. Vacheva - Head of the Department of Neonatology. “The modernization of the equipment at the Department of Neonatology of Multiprofile hospital "Haskovo" enhances the quality of life of the baby and its family. The new specialized apparatus gives them a better start in life and helps creating new and healthy generation in Haskovo region”, she added.

    In 2013, in the hospital "Haskovo" 870 children were born. For the whole year at the only Department of Neonatology of Haskovo region, located in the "Multiprofile Hospital Haskovo" AD, were treated 1000 children. Due to the life-saving equipment purchased with funds from the campaign "Choose to help" over 30 children with various problems have received vital medical care.

    During the campaign, "Choose to Help" 2013 were collected BGN 275 585 for 27 charity projects, as in the initiative were included 2112 employees of the bank with their personal donations.

    Media partners of the Raiffeisenbank’s initiative "Choose to Help" are, BNT, Nova TV, Bulgarian Radio, Darik Radio, Standart newspaper and Trud newspaper.


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