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    Housing Loan with 5 Years Fixed Interest from Raiffeisenbank


    Raiffeisenbank launches a Euro housing loan with a fixed interest of 6.35%. For the remaining period the interest rate is floating and it is formed based on a 6-month EURIBOR plus margin and currently it is on the same level: 6.35% yearly. The period for paying the loans is up to 30 years with a maximum amount up to EUR 200 000.

    „The fixed interest loans are much more secure and they give a better outlook on monthly payments”, said Mariela Atanasova, head of „Mass banking, cards and bank assurance department”. „At the same time we give our clients the opportunity to choose between 5-years fixed interest loans and 1-year fixed interest loans with most appropriate conditions. Our goal is to offer a choice and an expert consultancy to our customers in order to fulfill in a better way their needs”, she added.

    Every customer approved to receive a housing loan will benefit of a credit card with a preliminary approved limit without a 1st year annual fee.


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