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    Raiffeisenbank with newly issued Credit Cards promotion – no interest and no withdrawal fees at all ATMs

    • No interest

    • No withdrawal fee at all ATMs in Bulgaria and foreign countries

    Raiffeisenbank has launched a promotional campaign on newly issued MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold, Visa Classic and Visa Gold credit cards. During the campaign customers will not pay any interest rate for purchases and cash withdrawals. In addition, during the promotion, customers will not be charged a fee for withdrawals at Raiffeisenbank’s ATMs and at all other ATMs, whether in Bulgaria or abroad.

    The promotion is valid for new cardholders that have applied for a credit card prior August 31, 2014. They will be able to benefit from the promotional terms - no fee for withdrawal and without interest, until October 15, 2014. More information about the full terms can be found on the Bank's website and 0700 10 000.

    Cardholders may receive free notifications by SMS or e-mail for each purchase and for ATM withdrawals. The service is available 24 hours/7 days a week in Bulgarian or English.


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